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  • 📱Devices (up to): 10
  • 🖥️Servers:
  • 🌍Available countries: 48
  • 📍Company location: Switzerland
  • 🔒Logging policy: No logs
  • 🎥Streaming: no
  • 🌊Torrenting: Yes

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In the realm of virtual private networks (VPNs), one contender has been gaining prominence - PrivadoVPN. Hailing from Switzerland, a country lauded for its stringent privacy laws, PrivadoVPN promises ultimate protection and security, a claim we have put to the test.

Diving into the technical specifics, PrivadoVPN operates on a no-logs policy, a mandate not legally required in Switzerland but adopted nonetheless. This is a crucial feature for users who value the sanctity of their online activities and privacy. The VPN service allows the protection of ten devices simultaneously, offering unlimited bandwidth, a feature that appeals to users who need extensive coverage.

PrivadoVPN differentiates itself with its freemium model. The free version gives users access to 10GB of data per month and 12 servers, an offering that stands out from other free VPN providers. In contrast, the premium version unlocks access to over 200 servers in 47 countries, ensuring the same level of security and speed for all users, regardless of their subscription.

However, our review also took note of a few shortcomings of PrivadoVPN. The limited server network, lack of WireGuard protocol, and absence of dedicated IP addresses have been identified as areas of improvement. Despite these, we found the overall service satisfactory.

From a cost perspective, PrivadoVPN has a competitive edge, with prices starting at €1.99 per month. The service is compatible across a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, and supports multiple protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Torrenting is permitted, and the VPN works with various streaming services. Importantly, we found no significant speed loss in daily usage, a crucial aspect for seamless streaming and gaming experiences.

The average ratings from other places, including user reviews, have placed PrivadoVPN on a respectable standing. The service has been recognized for its ease of use, transparency, and above all, its emphasis on security. However, it's worth noting that the VPN service does not particularly excel in any one area, but rather provides a balanced suite of features and capabilities

While PrivadoVPN may not outshine its competitors in every aspect, its commitment to user security is commendable. The combination of Swiss privacy laws and additional security measures like AES-256 Bit encryption and selectable VPN protocols, reinforce the service's dedication to user privacy.

In conclusion, PrivadoVPN is a balanced and competent VPN service, albeit not without its quirks. It might not be the fastest or have the most extensive server network, but it shines in areas that matter to privacy-conscious users. Our exploration into the technical underpinnings of PrivadoVPN will delve deeper into these aspects, dissecting the service piece by piece to provide a comprehensive review.